Tinolang Manok


It’s winter once again in this wonderful land down under called Australia. It’s the perfect time for soups to keep oneself warm during these cold days. Feeling cold and homesick, my palate yearns for a familiar taste that would not only keep me warm but also cheer me up and drive away the winter blues. […]

Pork menudo is a stew dish that reflects the influence of Spanish conquerors to Philippine food. A rich tomato based stew filled with different ingredients such as carrots, potatoes and your fair share of Pork meat and liver. Today, Pork menudo is a regular staple if you eat in a typical karinderya. Honestly, I never […]

Tahhhooooo!!! If you grew up in the streets of Metro Manila, it is most certain that you have heard this word being shouted by your friendly neighbourhood street peddler. With a loud, powerful voice full of bass resembling the vocal prowess of Pavarotti, one ends up in a mad dash out of their homes to […]

Choc Nut: A powdery filipino treat made of peanuts and milk chocolate. Kinda like eating Milo powder but has a bit of a peanut buttery taste to it.  It’s one of those childhood follies (candy) that you can purchase from your friendly neighborhood tindahan (store) during those hot, humid summers in the Philippines. It’s a must […]

Winter is about to end here down under and the weather reminds me of childhood memories spent staying at my lolo’s Baguio house. The memory is so strong that I can still feel the morning cold and smell the morning mist as I reminisce while writing this. Fresh strawberries also evoke memories of such time. […]

One memory that I have about food is that my uncles would drink together over the weekend. And with the drinking comes lots of pulutan (appetiser) to complement the ice cold San Miguel Pale Pilsen. One dish lovingly cooked and served would be Tokwa’t Baboy. This dish is a regular staple on the menu of […]

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