Fitbit + myfitnesspal = weight loss(?)


Anyone who has known me has heard me say this once in their lives “I’ll have an Australian beach body the next time I go back home to Manila” or some variant of me saying I will lose weight. Sadly, I never did do it and those words lost its value over time. To be […]

Maginhawa is the name of the street where my Lola’s house is located (which is now foodie heaven in the Quezon City area). And it was always a tradition to eat there every week. One thing I loved about her was that there was always food no matter what. Dinner there meant getting to eat 7 […]

How can one not love Crispy Pata? A succulent Leg of Pork lovingly deep fried to golden perfection. All that wonderful dripping fat clogging up your arteries! Writing this is already giving me high blood pressure readings! It doesn’t have to be this way. As much as I love eating Crispy Pata as any self-respecting, […]

You can never go wrong with Filipino style spaghetti. Something about it evokes childhood memories and endorphins. Partner it with Fried chicken and voila! Instant happiness! Noodles are served on birthdays because supposedly it imbues long life to the celebrant. Interesting how the life of this blog started with the premise of long life as […]
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