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Fitbit + myfitnesspal = weight loss(?)

Fitbit + myfitnesspal = weight loss(?)

Anyone who has known me has heard me say this once in their lives “I’ll have an Australian beach body the next time I go back home to Manila” or some variant of me saying I will lose weight. Sadly, I never did do it and those words lost its value over time. To be honest, I never was able to get in shape. I once almost got below 200 lbs by eating only siomai (pork dim sum) from a street cart I was very fond of back in college (Mad props to Eric Siomai for growing his siomai empire in DSLU!). Back then I thought I would never gain it back. I always wondered how people gained so much weight after college. Lo and behold, 10 years after. I’m 50 lbs heavier than I was back in college. The heaviest I’ve been..

Bottom line : Losing weight for people like me who really love food is hard!!!

I’ve learned to shrug it off. I’ve learned to just make a joke about it. I’ll be the first to attack myself so that other people’s comments won’t affect me anymore. And every time someone talks about getting in shape, I would lovingly joke “Partida ko na yan sa ibang lalaki. Panu pa kaya kung payat ako at may abs!” (It would be unfair to other guys if I was fit and have 6-pack abs!). It’s lines like this which I depended on as my defence mechanism hiding the simple ugly truth: I need to lose weight!

So what makes this attempt to lose weight different now?

With my love of food also comes an equal love for technology. I love gadgets! I would love to tinker with technology and try to push the limits of what a piece of tech can do. I’ve already organised my life by using Google, Dropbox and Evernote to keep all information at hand. My life in the cloud! While all these proved useful with regards to retaining information. It never addressed a certain part of oneself which is health. So together with my obsessive-compulsive nature. I researched on possible ways to quantify food, energy and exercise. Maybe technology was the missing key to my weight loss success?

Fitness trackers are in the rage now. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Even mobile phones like the iPhone 5s comes with a chip specially made to track fitness. So why not apply the same principle I used to archive my brain into the cloud to my fitness? Why not use technology to help me out? So I decided to get a Fitbit Flex. My rationale is that if I’m more aware of how much calories I’m burning, maybe it will help me with my goal. And besides, it’s a good excuse to buy a new gadget and tinker with it!

myfitnesspal calorie counter
My first day attempt to control my calorie intake using myfitnesspal resulting in negative calories

And that folks is the reason of this post. I have decided to give exercise and diet a try again. With a loving (nagging) push from my mum and people who truly care about my wellbeing, I’m giving it another try. I’ve decided to use the age-old advice of “less calories in, more calories out” and combine it with fitness tools available today. I started using to help me achieve that goal. I admit, it is really hard! First day of doing it, I went over the recommended calories the app told me. But everyday is a good day to try harder. I’m on my 5th day of watching what I eat. I’ve been doing the 30 minute exercise recommends and can’t wait to finally get my Fitbit Flex and add it to the equation.

So here’s to the 1001st try to get back into shape again! If not, I’ll have a glorified pedometer to be used as paperweight.


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